Jordan Bruner is a multimedia artist and filmmaker.  She grew up in a house on a lake near the Chesapeake Bay, across from an island where Blackbeard once stored the bounty of his plunder. She has worked as an animator and art director on various television projects, documentaries, music videos and her own short films.  In 2008 Jordan was nominated for an Emmy in Graphic Design and Art Direction for her work on the PBS show Curious.  She is currently a freelance animator, designer, and illustrator working out of her studio in Brooklyn.  Most recently Jordan worked with awesome + modest to create animation for Davis Guggenheim's new documentary Waiting for Superman, and was animation director for the soon-to-be-aired show Mind of the Desinger on Planet Green.  Jordan exhibits her paintings in galleries the world over, and is currently working on an animated film The Leaf Woman and the Centaur, a stop-motion extravaganza that looks to reconcile a set of creation myths in order to reinterpret the story of man.